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Policy for Equality and Accessibility

Millport Country Music Festival wants to share the experience of this event with all who have an interest in country music. We will treat everyone with fairness and tolerance.

This means equal treatment and opportunity for staff, crew and volunteers as well as the ticket buying public. We will not discriminate against anyone attending because of their gender or sexual persuasion, their age or appearance, their race or religion, their physical or mental abilities. All are welcome.

As much as possible, our site will feature facilities to help enable the attendance of those with access issues or other needs and requirements.
We will have the following:
• Blue Badge parking area. This will be a section of the car park in Garrison House festival grounds for those with a genuine need for close access. Space is limited, so please contact in advance at

• Accessible toilets in the Garrison House grounds
• Accessible food & trade stalls – all traders will be given guidance on how to best make their stall easy to access or menus/price lists easy to read.

• There will be accessible viewing areas in both Nashfield and Cactus Jack’s venues.
• Support from our medics – do you need to refrigerate medicines? Need a place to plug in breathing apparatus or a mobility chair/scooter? Let us know. Facilities can be found over the festival weekend at St Andrews Ambulance and First Aid tent within the Garrison House grounds.
• Support from our welfare crew – need help getting on site? Or assistance reading the programme schedule? As long as you let us know how to help, we will, if we can.
Millport Country Music Festival understands that some attendees may need to bring a Carer with them.

The following will apply:

• Only those people that would be unable to attend the festival without full time assistance may apply for a free Carer ticket by emailing by Friday 12th August 2022.
• You must email a scan of a valid DLA letter showing your current entitlement by the closing date stated above. Please feel free to black out any information on the documents that relate to amount of benefits paid or health conditions.
• We can only accept letters from the DWP that are dated from 2021 or 2022. If you do not have a letter this recent then you will need to contact the DWP and request that they send you an updated copy.
• If we discover anyone has made a false application then we do have the right to cancel both your Carer ticket and your festival ticket before and during the event.
• All decisions are at the discretion of Millport Country Music Festival and we reserve the right to alter or withdraw arrangements. Each application will be looked at individually. Carers tickets are subject to availability.
• This scheme is available to people of all ages.
• You must have purchased your own ticket before applying for a free Carer ticket
• Carer tickets will not be sent out in advance, they will be issued onsite. You will get a confirmation email saying that the ticket is available at the ticket office.

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