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Millport Country Music Festival is committed to monitoring its environmental impact and increasing our sustainability. We strive for continuous improvement by reducing the impact of our operations on the environment within and beyond the Garrison House grounds.

We encourage attendees to use public transport and not bring their cars to the island. Where feasible, we will use recycled. refillable cups and glasses.
We do not issue paper tickets or ask attendees who have bought their passes in advance to print their emails. All attendees are issued with wristbands upon arrival at the festival ticket office following being checked against the advance purchase list or
payment on the day.
We work closely with North Ayrshire Council to ensure that the amount of recycling arising from the festival’s rubbish is maximised and that the festival grounds are left in good condition as quickly as possible following the end of the festival.
We are committed to minimise noise pollution by ensuring that all amplified sound is carefully directed and managed sympathetically with respect for the concerns of residents of the town.
Members of the MCMF organising committee represent the festival in relevant community meetings and are available for consultation with local community representatives when and if required.
All volunteers are expected to work towards reducing waste and increasing sustainability. We welcome suggestions on how to improve our practices from all volunteers and attendees of the festival.
We also encourage our visitors, performers, suppliers and partners to consider their impact on the environment. 
If you have any suggestions regarding our environmental practices, please send an email

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